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Emotional Wellness Meditation Pack

Emotional Wellness Meditation Pack

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A Mindfulness Meditation Pack designed to help support your Emotional Wellness!

It's the perfect addition to your self-healing tool box if you are on a healing journey ❤️‍🩹

10 - QUICK & EASY meditations (ADHD-friendly and great for all skill levels).

These meditations are a combination of breathwork, mindfulness, embodiment, sound healing, affirmations, and other self-healing tools. 

Use these Meditation as a tool to help you:

  • Understand and support your emotional self/needs
  • Improved emotional regulation + intelligence + resilience
  • Increase in focus, awareness, and experiencing gratitude
  • Tools to help support you through emotional triggers and navigate hard emotions

Guided Meditations created by Katarina Scott, music by Chris Collins

  1. A Friend in Stress
  2. Anger - 5 mins
  3. Anxiety Relief 
  4. Connecting To Self Love
  5. Depression Release
  6. Emotional Balance Meditation
  7. Meditation for Insecurity
  8. The Magic Behind Self-Love
  9. Inner Child Exercise - 9-mins
  10. Resilience & Inner Strength

Start a new relationship with yourself today!

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5-Star Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Katarina Scott