Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to use loose herbal tea?

    Great Question! You steep your herbs in boiling water for your desired time. HOW you steep them is preference. We pefer to use a metal steeper.

    You can find these at your local grocery store in the tea/coffee section usually!

    Some customers love to use cotton tea bags, coffee machines, or just allowing the loose herbs to steep freely.

    Customers Preference!

  • How much tea can I get from one pack?

    On average we use 2- 6 grams of loose herbal tea (depending on how strong you like your tea). We sell our loose tea blends in 50 grams pouches and 100 gram pouches. On average 10-15 cups of tea per 50grams.

  • How should I store my loose herbal teas?

    In a dark and cool place. Our Eco-friendly packaging is great for storage however we highly recommend glass jars!

    Glass jars are always a great go to for tea storage.

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Are anything in these tea's illegal or would show up on a drug test?

All the herbs & ingredients used in your shop are 100% LEGAL and ethically sourced!

How much loose tea should I use for 1 cup of tea?

The average metal steep and/or tea bag holds about 2-5g of tea depending on the consumer's strength preference.

Guestimated- Large pinch or 1 filled metal tea steeper (found in the tea and coffee section at your local grocery store)

How long should I steep my tea?

Depends on your preference!

You can keep the herbs in your tea for the full duration of your tea time or remove them before you enjoy it!

Average 4-8 mins

RECOMMENDATION: Any tea with mugwort, do not steep for more than 4 mins. The taste will take a turn for the worst.