About Us!

Founders of Emereald Coast Alternatives LLC

Women/Family-Owned¬†Herbal Tea Shop ūüĆĪ

Hi there! We are Katarina & Kyrstyn Scott, the Founders of Emerald Coast Alternatives, your Online Herbal Tea Shop. We are passionate about providing affordable, effective, and tasty herbal tea blends. 

Our customers love that they no longer have to sacrifice FLAVOR in order to FEEL better. As sober energy drink lovers ourselves, we didn't like the taste of traditional teas but loved the benefits and effectiveness these simple remedies have.

We design tasty teas even non-tea drinkers (like ourselves) can enjoy daily either hot or in a chilled mocktail form. Customers report relief from symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, pms, insomnia, inflammation, and so much more.

Currently, we are growing our community on the social media platform TikTok, teaching people the power of plants, self-love/acceptance, and sober life. Our shop SELLS OUT continuously as we rapidly grow and expand.

'Care Packs for Recovery' Program ūüíö

We are PASSIONATE about providing those in recovery with effective and safe remedies, giving them some relief during such a critical period. 

We send out a Herbal Tea Essentials Care Packs to Recovery/Detox Centers nationwide every month. Many locations that were nominated by our customers. 

Make a positive impact and help us spread hope, select from the amounts below.

All donations go towards product costs, expenses, & shipping. We hope to start sending out multiple boxes a month! 


Follow us and learn more on about what these products can provide for you on TikTok @freespirit.beauTEA

Katarina & Kyrstyn Scott

 ✨Happy Healing✨