Herbal Tea: A Simple Guide to Get You Steeped!

Herbal Tea: A Simple Guide to Get You Steeped!

Herbal Tea: A Simple Guide to Get You Steeped!

Are you ready to embark on a magic tea journey?

Herbal teas are not just drinks; they are an experience that combines flavor, aroma, and life-changing wellness benefits. Whether you're a seasoned tea enthusiast or a complete newbie, this guide will help you navigate the simplicity of tea magic and get you steeped in the art of tea!

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1. What is Herbal Tea?

First things first, let's clarify what herbal tea is. Unlike true teas like black, green, and oolong, our herbal blends are a variety of dried herbs, flowers, fruits, spices, and roots. Each of our herbal tea blends is designed with a purpose/aliment/goal in mind and as a result, they have a wide range of flavors and health benefits.

Why did we choose loose leaf in our tea shop? 

Loose-leaf tea offers a higher quality, with concentrated benefits. Although tea bags have some benefits, they're not as potent as loose-leaf. More BANG for your buck!

2. Health Benefits of Herbal Tea:

One of the charms of herbal tea is the potential health benefits. Our bodies are self-healing and herbs support that healing process. It takes what it needs from the herbs and lets go of the rest. Chamomile can promote relaxation, peppermint can soothe digestion, and green tea is packed with antioxidants. The best way to discover the health perks that suit your needs is by simply trying something new and seeing how you feel. Tea can be a great tool to help you open up a connection/relationship with your body. 

3. Brewing Basics:

  • Tea Accessory: Experience the flexibility of using a tea accessory (tea ball, tea bag, tea steeper, etc.) or savor the freedom of letting your tea leaves steep naturally and straining your infuser once the process is complete. Check out our shop's Tea Accessory Collection!
  • Water Temperature: Herbal teas are quite forgiving when it comes to water temperature, heat is what activates most medicinal properties in herbs. I always suggest boiling water before pouring water over delicate herbal blends. AVOID boiling herbal blends. 

How To make Tea
  • Steeping Time: Herbal teas vary in steeping times. On average, you can steep herbal teas for 5-10 minutes. Certain herbs such as mugwort and valerian root are fuzzy. If you steep them longer than 4-6 mins they turn on you. 🤢 Remove herbs after steeping them and allow for your tea infusion to cool or make a delicious mocktail.
Dos & Don't of making Tea


    4. Flavorful Choices:

    Herbal teas come in a wide variety of flavors, from sweet and floral to spicy and earthy. Some popular herbs include:

    • Chamomile: A mild, floral tea that's great for relaxation. Smells like fruit loops! 
    • Peppermint: Refreshing, excellent for digestion, helps you focus. 
    • Hibiscus: Vibrant and tart, packed with antioxidants, jump-starts your metabolism. 
    • Lavender: Aromatic and soothing, perfect for stress relief & pain.
    • Ginger: Spicy and great for combating nausea.
    • Rooibos: Earthy, caffeine-free, and health healthy.

    5. Sweeteners and Add-Ins:

    Many people enjoy their herbal teas plain, but you can also add sweeteners. Experiment with different additions to find your preferred combination. Here are a few recommendations:

    • Honey
    • Milk & Honey/Sugar
    • Citrus- Lemon or Orange Juice
    • Flavored Syrups
    • Simple Syrups
    • Sparkling Water/Juice

    Heck, I am known for mixing energy drinks with my tea over ice some days! We are going for CONSISTENCY, not perfection. 

    6. Brewing Tools:

    While you can make herbal tea with a simple teapot and a cup, investing in a good quality infuser or instant tea kettle can enhance your tea-making experience.

    7. Sip and Savor:

    The beauty of herbal tea lies in the leisurely experience of sipping and savoring. Take a moment to enjoy the aroma and taste of your brew. It's a fantastic opportunity to express your gratitude, find your balance, & simply chill and decompress.


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    8. Explore and Experiment:

    Don't be afraid to explore the world of herbal teas. Try different blends, mix your own, and find the flavors that spark some dopamine and bring you the most comfort and relief!

    Herbal tea is more than just a drink or beverage; it's a ritual that can soothe your body and soul. It's a self-care practice! Whether you're seeking relaxation, improved digestion, or simply a delicious drink, there's an herbal blend waiting for you. So, get steeped in some herbal tea magic, and let the flavors and health benefits enrich your life, one cup at a time!

    Visit my wife and I's herbal tea shop for all your tea magic needs!

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