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7-Days of Understanding Your Emotions Meditation Series

7-Days of Understanding Your Emotions Meditation Series

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Mini Meditation Course for designed to help you get our of your mind and drop into your body. 

Do you struggle with your emotional regulation or understanding your emotional responses?

Letting your emotions pull you into emotional self-sabotaging spirals? Don't know how to FEEL your FEELINGS?


This is a 7-day meditation series to guide you into a deeper understanding of your emotional self. 

It's the perfect addition to your self-healing tool box if you are on a healing journey ❤️‍🩹

The course features seven QUICK & EASY meditations (ADHD-friendly and great for all meditator levels).


⏱️12 min/day! 

The course features a combination of breathwork, mindfulness, embodiment, sound healing, affirmations, and other self-healing tools.

Walk away from this series with :

  • A deeper understanding of your emotional self
  • Improved emotional regulation + intelligence + resilience
  • Increase in focus and awareness
  • Tools to help you face emotional triggers and navigate hard emotions

Start a new relationship with yourself today!

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5-Star Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Katarina Scott