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Emotions: Mood Tracker & Journal

Emotions: Mood Tracker & Journal

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Emotional Regulation Journal & Mood Tracker for ADHD & Autistic Neurotypes

Understand your Emotions, Process Hard Events, & Increase Positivity (NEW version,2022)

This journal is designed to help you emotionally navigate a world that is entirely out of your control and allows you to find confidence within yourself.

Reminding you to TAKE A DEEP BREATH when shit gets hard and listen to your body.

Neurodivergent minds work a bit differently and regulate differently. The shame that comes with these differences can keep us hidden behind a mask as a form of survival.
But to what cost? Our peace and authenticity. 

This Tracker & Journal will allow you to create space and safety for you to explore, process, and RELEASE energy and emotion. 
Your body HOLDS onto experiences that have not yet been processed, seen, or validated. This build-up creates OVERWHELM and unhealthy coping behaviors.

This Journal/Tracker will help you integrate self-healing tools & skills such as Mindfulness and Gratitude.
These are impactful tools that help you

  • Grow a better understanding of your emotional responses & intuition
  • Mentally reprogram your mind for positivity
  • Build an intimate relationship with your best self including safety & self-love #settingboundaries
  • Learn to process hard emotions & events in a healthy way

Your emotions are signals communicating a message to you with each experience. It is up to YOU to decipher what the messages are.

Created and designed by Katarina Scott, an AuHDH Queer woman who understands the struggles of not being able to emotionally regulate or understand yourself.

Learn to LISTEN, TRUST, and ACT on your intuition by better understanding your emotional responses.

Meditation & Mindfulness Practice
Gratitude Practice
Mental Reprogramming for Neurodivergent
Emotional Development for ADHD & Autistic Neurotypes 
Spiritual Growth & Redirection
Sobriety & Recovery


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5-Star Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Katarina Scott