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Top Recommended Teas for those with ADHD! 

Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to focus with our ADHD Tea Pack!

Discover the 6 ultimate teas to conquer life with ADHD /AUDHD and elevate your daily routine.

1. Frank's Rise & Shine - Stimulate without the Jitters! This morning tea is designed for those with depression and anxiety to give a lively boost to even the most lifeless bodies.

2. Zombie Tea - Famous Focus and Energy tea! Breakthrough executive dysfunction with this mind & body stimulate tea. The calming properties truly help you FOCUS!

3. Life's A Beach - Alcohol Replacement tea! Did you know that those with ADHD are at a higher risk for alcohol and substance abuse? This tea helps you disconnect and unwind after a rough day by helping your body combat stress and calm the nervous system. 

4. Tummy Tea - Gut-Balancing Tea. ADHD folks are 2x more likely to experience IBS and digestive distress issues. With this tea's anti-inflammatory qualities, it calms the stomach and digestive system while also boosting your immune system. 

5. Rest & Release - Ultimate Sleep tea. Unwind your overworked, overstimulated mind and body with this tea at night, so you can finally get the rest you deserve. This tea is designed to help ease racing thoughts and release a tense body into a peaceful slumber.

6. Lucid Dream - Instant Relaxation Tea. This tea is designed to calm you instantly in those overstimulated moments. Instant relaxation in your mind and body!

Unleash your quirky side and enhance your productivity today!

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Tea Instructions

Steep 2-4g/1Tbsp of loose tea in 8 oz of water for 5-8 mins.

Store in a dry and cool place.

How many cups of tea?

50g Tea pack varies from 15-25 cups of 8oz tea depending on strength preference.

100g - 35 -50 cups of tea depending on strength preference.

How much tea can I drink?

Consuming a LOT of anything, out of the blue - even if the product is 100% safe and beneficial - can shock your system. Drinking too much water for example, can lead to nasty side-effects. It is all about BALANCE, introduce and experiment slowly and consistently.

Our recommendations is, if healthy or ill, check with your doctors and pharmacist first for contraindications. Second, experiment slow and light and watch for side effects.


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