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Anti-Inflammatory Apricot Dessert Tea

Anti-Inflammatory Apricot Dessert Tea

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Anti-Inflammatory Apricot Dessert Tea Herbal Blend

Apricot Cinnamon Herbal Tea is a caffeine-free blend of dried fruits and flowers, perfect with any dessert! Lightly dusted cinnamon chips are carefully blended with calendula petals to mix warm sweetness with anti-inflammatory properties. The addition of diced apricot pieces brings vitamins & minerals (plus a significant amount of iron!) Pour this fruity blend after dinner and pair it with a sweet dessert.

May assist with:

  • Great for Stomach Aches/ Digestive Issues/Morning Sickness
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Help Promote Healthy Weight Loss
  • Supports Heart Health!
  • Promotes Circulation
  • Reduces PMS Symptoms/Cramps

Customers with severe hypoglycemic issues have reported drastic improvements by incorporating this blend into their daily routine!  

    NON-Caffeinated Herbal Tea - Kiddo & Pregnancy Friendly!

    RECOMMENDED as Daily Drinker tea. 💚

    Herbal Blend Ingredients:

    Calendula/Marigold - known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components, which might help fight cancer, protect against heart disease, and ease muscle fatigue.

    Cinnamon - Known for its potent Antibacterial, Anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory Properties. Protects with Antioxidants supporting a Healthy Heart. And may promote healthy weight loss and help reduce/regulate menstrual pain.

    Apricot Pieces!


    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases and should not be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem. It is the customer's responsibility to become familiar with the contraindications of any tea or herbal before using. Please consult a healthcare professional before drinking any tea or herbal for health or medical reasons, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. 

    Tea Instructions

    Steep 2-4g/1Tbsp of loose tea in 8 oz of water for 5-8 mins.

    Store in a dry and cool place.

    How many cups of tea?

    50g Tea pack varies from 15-25 cups of 8oz tea depending on strength preference.

    100g - 35 -50 cups of tea depending on strength preference.

    How much tea can I drink?

    Consuming a LOT of anything, out of the blue - even if the product is 100% safe and beneficial - can shock your system. Drinking too much water for example, can lead to nasty side-effects. It is all about BALANCE, introduce and experiment slowly and consistently.

    Our recommendations is, if healthy or ill, check with your doctors and pharmacist first for contraindications. Second, experiment slow and light and watch for side effects.


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